Joselynn & Kale

Joselynn & Kale

Joselynn and Kale were one of those couples that I just love being around.   They were so happy all day and it really showed in their photos. 

They are so in love and I was so happy to be part of their wedding day!


Joselynn & Kale's engagement session was in the morning on a super windy day!   I found it funny that their wedding was on a day that rained.  We stalked the weather forecast all week and on the actual wedding day, the rain stopped right when we were scheduled to do formal photos!  Yay!! 

We were able to capture the formal photos at Allentown Rose Garden.   Little did any of us know that it was prom night in Allentown.  We arrived to do formals and there wasn't anyone else there.  Which is amazing in itself since there are normally at least 10 other photographers there at a time since it's so beautiful there.   However, when we left, there were probably a few hundred people there.  

One of the groomsmen decided to have Kale on his shoulders just like when they were kids....didn't work so well as we captured Kale falling to the ground.  That moment when you think "do I catch him or take the photo"  I took the photo and am proud to say that he was completely fine and survived his slight tumble!

I love that Joselynn was jokingly trying to photo bomb a prom photo here and there! 

We also had to stop as her garter was falling down so Kale had to dive underneith to address the loose garter. 

Their wedding was held at the beautiful Riverview Country club in Easton, PA. 

Their best man and made of honor showcased their rapping abilities by doing their toast to the beloved "Fresh Prince of Bel Air"  and it was completely hilarious!

At night we went outside and were able to capture some sparkler photos and some night pics. 


I loved working with this couple and I wish them all the happiness in their new marriage together!

A Special Thanks to the team of vendors that worked to make their day great!

Ceremony Location : Queenship of Mary Church

Officiant: Father Lamb

Venue: Riverview Country Club

Cake/Cupcakes: DiMarco's Bakery

DJ: Dice Productions

Florist: Nicole Torres

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