Engagement Session Tips

Engagement Session Tips

I know engagement sessions are personal favorites to photograph for Dan and I (my husband and your second shooter).   They are just a fun and relaxed way to get to know each other a little better and also helps you get more comfortable in front of the camera prior to the big day!!!  ou'll also get used to how we pose our photographs.

I still have some couples that aren't really sure what an engagement session entails.  I like to tell people that it serves a few purposes.  1. To get more comfortable in front of a camera and working with me, your photographer.  2.  You get some awesome photos of you and your soon to be hubby/wifey for more photos to hang up around the house and show off!   I love wedding photos, but it's kind of nice to have some every day photos as well.  I like to try to incorporate personalities of the couple into the session.  So if you're really into wine, have your own quirky jokes or things of that nature that you would like to incorporate into your session, just let me know!!!!

o on that note, see below for some tips and tricks that I have gathered to help you prepare for your session!

. Check out my previous engagement sessions on my website.  Or look around on pinterest etc.  This will help you have an idea of what you like in a photo.  If you like to use props and also help you come up with a set location.

.  Think about what you would like to do with the photos.  Hang them on the wall?  Create an album for your guest sign in book?  There are all sorts of ideas out there!

.  Ladies, before the engagement session, decide if you would like your hair and make up done.  Sometimes this will give you the extra confidence boost just knowing that you look your best for your photos!

. Think about what you would like to wear for the session.  There are tons of ideas out there so search away!!!  You could go fancy, or western. Or wear something that you feel like you look your best in.  You don't need to match!!!!!  (Please no).  But something the compliments each other always looks good!  I like to try to have couples remember, that the wedding will be more formal with your clothing.  So you may want to pull something from your "everyday" wear.   It's great to have some casual pics of each other around your place!

. If your a pet lover and want to bring them along, go for it!!  Although, one tip I like to say, is bring treats as this will help get the pets attention.  Also, you may want to bring someone along to help with the pet.  This way you can have some photos of just you two as well!

. Try not to go tanning before your session.  If you have visible tan lines, it may be best to reschedule your session date.  Sunburn photos aren't pretty ;)

. Ladies, please try to leave the purse at home.  Guys, please try to take everything out of your pockets.  I will be happy to put car keys and such in my camera bag so you are able to lock your car up to keep your belongings safe.

.  Try to think if there is anything that is unique to your and your future spouse that you may want to incorporate into the session.   (Photographing at a place you met, shared hobbies, sports etc).  This will help make your session unique!

.  If I suggest an idea that you aren't fond of.  Just tell me!!  You won't hurt my feelings, promise!  I understand that each couple is looking for something slightly different.

10.  Relax and have fun.  That is the main reason I love doing engagement sessions!  They are so much more relaxed and fun.   Honestly the best photos are the ones where your just naturally being yourself with each other!!!

ast but not least, get your flirt on!  I know it sounds silly and many have been together for so long they "forget" how to flirt.  I pretty much will give you a "starting" pose and you can smile, kiss, look at each other, nuzzle each other, take the one by surprise and do something that will bring out a natural smile/laugh.  I had a couple that thought they weren't photogenic at all when we started their session.   I told them to start flirting and to do a few certain things and it ended up being one of my favorite sessions because they were so relaxed and natural with each other. 

Hope this helps!!!  If you ever have any questions (even if you aren't quite ready to plan your session) let me know!!  I love answering peoples questions.  I feel so much better when I'm prepared so I understand when I get peppered with questions :)

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