Stress Free Wedding Day?  Yes Please!!!

Stress Free Wedding Day? Yes Please!!!


We all go into wedding planning just knowing that we'll enjoy our wedding day!  We're with all of our friends and family.  What is not to enjoy, right?!?!  I often see couples just get bogged down with the intense schedule and expectations from a wedding day.  I have put together some helpful tips to help you enjoy your wedding day!

  1. Share your timeline with all of your vendors so we are all on the same page.  I send out a final details questionnaire to all of my couples to gather this information.  I still confirm with vendors when I see them and reach out to them.  However, I did have one wedding where I thought I had an hour for photos but they wanted the bride bake in 40 minutes in order to bustle the dress and line them up.  It was a bit tight!!!  Ironing out those details ahead of time relieves tons of stress on the wedding day!
  2. As much as you want to celebrate at the Rehearsal dinner the night before, try to limit your drinking.  This way you can wake up refreshed and not feeling the after affects. 
  3. Slumber party with the girls the night before the wedding?  No problem!  Just make sure you try to get as much sleep as possible so you can wake up feeling great.  I can't help with the nerves though. I woke up at 3:30 am on my wedding day because I was so excited!!!
  4. Plan meals.  I cannot stress this enough.  I know your nerves are probably high and your schedule will probably be intense.  But make sure you pack in the protein and carbs.  No one wants to see a fainting bride on their wedding day.  Even if it's just a granola bar or some peanuts.   
  5. Plan some cushion time.  Yes the hairdresser/make up artist said she can do 6 girls in 2 hours….but just plan an extra cushion time.  If they hit traffic due to an accident, it can throw the whole day behind.
  6. Wear a button down shirt (along with your bridesmaids) when getting your hair and make up done.   Or one with a very wide neck opening so you can get the shirt off without ruining your hair
  7. Grooms and groomsmen, try your tux on as soon as you get it.  Even insist on trying it on at the store.  Make sure to check for everything that is supposed to be included with it as well.  It's rare that we don't run into issues with a tux on the wedding day. 
  8. Leaving a laundry list of things for the groom and his men to do?   Make an actual tangible list of it.   His mind may be a bit preoccupied the day of the wedding from the excitement of marrying you!   It helps to have things written down just in case.   Give the list to the best man to help keep things on track.
  9. Discuss expectations on behavior for the wedding party.   You may be secretly crazy fun along with your whole wedding party.  But if you think they may have a little “too much fun” then it may be best to address ahead of time.
  10. Break in your shoes prior to the bid day!!  Also, if you ware wearing heals, be sure to look into getting some nifty heel guards.   This way you don’t sink in the grass!!!  (there are ones that are clear and go from the toe to the heal and have no slip on the bottom.  I cannot find them for anything.  So if you know what they are, drop a line!)
  11. Hire a wedding coordinator for the day.  If you are unable to hire a coordinator, try getting another friend to do it that is not in the wedding party.  I was actually asked to do this role as a friend once.  It was really fun!  You still got to be part of the day (and you didn't have to buy the expensive dress and shoes!)
  12. Pack a wedding day survival kit.  Need hints on what to pack in the kit?  Check out the blog post!
  13. Take a minute during the day, in between everything and in each part of the day….to stop. Breathe. And just take it all in with your spouse.   You’re married now! 
  14. Eat your dinner!!!  No passing out while your doing the Wobble!!!!   Eat quick, enjoy each other.  Then go and mingle with your guests.   If you don’t want to take the time to eat, see if your venue/caterer can pack some food for you.
  15. Ask your photographer to take group photos of you and your friends.  You’re all dressed up so why not?!  Trust me when I say, they won’t mind!
  16. Be careful with the alcohol.  Having a few to loosen up is fine.  I get super sad when I see the bride or groom have a few too many to the point where they may not remember their wedding day.  You’re spending all this money on your wedding day, don’t you want to be able to remember it?
  17. Pack different shoes for the reception.  Both brides and grooms.  Your feet will thank you!  Nobody wants blisters going into the honeymoon!
  18. Take a moment with each of your parents.  It’ll surely be an emotional day for them!
  19. Remember the reason you are there.  To celebrate your marriage!!!
Tips for the Bridesmaids

Tips for the Bridesmaids

Planning your wedding day timeline

Planning your wedding day timeline