Lets talk Wedding Registry!

Lets talk Wedding Registry!


So he popped the question and you start to go through all of your planning.  What is one of the things to take care of shortly after getting engaged? 

The wedding registry!!!

While some may wait until closer to the wedding, it may be a good idea to start your registries a little earlier.  Some friends and family like to get congratulatory items for the engagement.  Or if you are having an engagement party, it may be useful as well. 

What are the best things about a wedding registry? You can set your inner shopaholic free!  My Hubby, Dan, is a bit frugal.   While I absolutely LOVE this trait, my inner shopaholic does not.   It was great going through and adding some items that I never thought I would be able to have.   While some were more expensive, some were still just average things that I never thought of getting.   Don't feel bad about expensive items!  They are great for groups gifts!   I have done this many times with my mom and sister if we are attending the same wedding! 

Think about items that you may need in the future.  If you don't currently live on your own, then lets face it, you need most of the most normal plates.   

Or if you want to replace some of your more worn items if you have been on your own for a while. 

But what about when you already have a lot of the normal registry stuff? 

These days it's getting more and more common to get more creative with your registry. 

So what are some other not so normal things you can register for? 

  • Experiences!  Want to take a kickboxing class together!  Make a registry page for it!
  • Honeymoon registry.  Planning a wedding can be expensive.  I know that we went small for our honeymoon and would have loved this idea if we thought about it 11 years ago!
  • Registry for your photographer!  I'm still trying to figure out how to work this, but if you have your heart set on a photographer that is a bit out of your price range, see if they can make a way for others to help pay for capturing the special day.  I have actually seen other photographers do this and I LOVED this idea!

There really is no limit!  My one thought on this is to be a little more specific so people think that they are giving a specific item rather than just giving money.  In my family we sometimes all exchange gift cards at Christmas and it takes the fun out of things.  My mom actually gets really upset when she has to give a gift card....and it happens quite often with my husband because he is super hard to buy for!


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