Tips for the Bridesmaids

Tips for the Bridesmaids


You have the honor of being chosen by your sister/best friend.   So what are you supposed to do now?

Here are some tips for the supporting girls this time!!!  Aka the bridesmaids!

The planning process of a wedding is probably one of the more stressful things that your friend aka the bride, will have to go through.   (Unless she is weird like me and love planning things lol). There is just so much to coordinate between the venue, dress, color palette, who to invite, favors etc.  The list really does go on and on. It also doesn’t stop at the planning stage. Some brides get overwhelmed the day of their wedding as well.

So what do I feel are some big to do’s for the bridesmaids?

  1. Be supportive and helpful.   If the bride seems stressed out planning, offer to help!

  2. Even though the decisions come down to the couple, you can offer input.  Just be careful not to fight too hard for something. Even though your BFF’s you still may have different viewpoints on things.

  3. When planning things like the Bridal shower and Bachelorette party, alter it to fit your friend.  I see so many that are forced to do games at the bridal shower and the bride isn’t a fan of games for example.  Always think of them first when planning things

  4. Before accepting, realize the cost of what it means to be a bridesmaid.  Yes it’s awesome to be asked and is really fun to be a part of everything.  But sometimes the cost of it can weigh some down and end up making your relationship a little strained.   If you can’t afford it, say something from the beginning. You can always offer to be part of the wedding day in a different way such as being the coordinator to keep everyone on time etc.   I have actually done this for a friend and it was really fun! I was still part of the festivities but didn’t have to shell out any money for it. I have been in 6 weddings and the costs have averaged between $1000-$2000.  I have a friend that is currently putting in around $6000 for a wedding she is part of. It’s not just a dress and shoes. You also have the bridal shower, bachelorette party, hotel fees if you’re all staying overnight before the wedding, hair, make up and the list goes on.  

  5. Be attune to the brides needs on the wedding day.   Ask for lists of things that are needed and be the one to make sure you have everything that is needed.   

  6. Be emotionally supportive as well.  I have seen some wedding parties that were so consumed with getting their own hair and make up just right, that they completely missed that the bride was freaking out by herself.   


Just remember that you are there for HER!

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