10 years ago....

10 years ago....

I barely slept the night before.  Not because I was nervous.  I was just sooooo excited.   You see, 10 years ago at a weee 4:00 in the morning I was wide awake....waiting until 3:00 when I would marry my best friend. 

10 years ago we didn't have Pinterest.  We didn't have the creative wedding photography that we have in front of us today.  In fact, 10 years ago, I wasn't even "in to" photography.  At least not passionate about it.  It was a unkown passion of ours that didn't come to life until years later. 

We were already together for over 4 years at this point (Jr prom being our first date!) but I wanted to wait until I was at least 21 to say our "I do's"....because at 21, you're an adult, right?!

I often joke around that I'm kind of a perfectionist (even though I say OCD b/c saying perfectionist just takes too much effort).   I was one of those brides that made an itinerary for my bridesmaids....just so they knew what was going on during the day!  I'm actually surprised I didn't laminate it!

So at 4:00 in the morning I sat there not so patiently waiting for my wedding day to begin.    The girls started slowly waking up and sitting with me while we started to eat breakfast.  Later, us ladies,  Lauren, Claire, Nickie, Heather and Shannon, some of the best ladies I know, went off with my mom to the hair salon that our friends owned.   Then returned back to our epic getting ready house!   


My mom used to be a Mary Kay consultant, so I entrusted her to do all of our make up.   We were all young and broke so it worked out well!   

I knew my photographer was getting there soon so I made my first mistake of the day.  I got dressed in my wedding gown!   Wahhhh I will never have those pretty dress/shoes/flowers or ring photos that I so desperately love now!    We took some photos around the house and off everyone went to the church. 

The church I grew up in, Mount Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church.  I still have butterflies in my stomach, but it was more from me being so ready to being my life with Dan my man.   

The ladies all lined up to walk down the isle and I link my arm through my uncle's arm to walk me down and give me away.    I'm not sure I remember exactly what I felt when I first saw Dan.   We just smirked at each other during my entire way down the isle.   This was it.   No turning back (not that I ever would!).   As soon as we turned to the pastor, I broke down crying.  I was just so happy.  Although, I don't think anyone knew that I was crying except for the pastor who was smirking at us or my sister who was right beside me crying as well.   

We said our "I Do's" and walked back down the isle to the traditional wedding recessional....which we soooo wanted to change and be something that fit our the death march (in tune with our sarcastic selves).  Or "It's the end of the world as we know it"  Or the Mission Impossible theme song.   But we behaved ourselves!

I was hoping to do our formal photos down the road at the camp we met at.  We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center where we met!   However, due to the rain, we had to stay indoors at the church to do photos. 

I like my photos, I really do, but they are uber traditional.  Nothing like the fun, creative and artsy photos that are all over the wedding world today.   I almost want to have another wedding just to get some things captured in a slightly different way. 

After formals we headed off to Willow Tree Inn to celebrate with our crew.   It cleared up a little so we were able to do some photos on the deck later during the reception.   I just remember having an amazing reception.  I got to dance with my Uncle who gave me away, my best friend's father whom I grew up with, and my DJ...who was my best friends uncle that I also grew up with.  Lots of cutting in there!  My friends and I danced like crazy people while our significant others looked at us like the crazy people we were.  

See Dan doesn't dance....ever.  Sidebar here.....I secretly believe he picked our back up wedding song for two reasons.  It was what the Red Sox played when they finally won the world series for the first time since 1918...and it was one of the shortest wedding songs.   Can you guess it?  It's "At Last" by Etta James.   Now he claimed to not like all the songs I was picking out but I really think it was because of those to reasons that we resulted in our back up song as our wedding song.  

10 whole years.....and I can't wait for the next 10 either!!!!   So here are 10 things that I love about our life so far!

1.  I love how we both have faith in our God. 

2. I LOVE that we were each other's first boyfriend and girlfriend.   Since I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, I swoon at the thought. 

3. I love that we communicate everything together.  Communication is HUGE!  Granted he tends to get a little too quiet.  But eventually we talk through everything imaginable. 

4. I love that he is frugal.  Yes, I know I pick on him for it, but b/c of his frugalness, we are able to build our business and eventually, not have to be so frugal.   We were also able to survive when he lost his job in the first 2 years of getting married. 

5. I love our amazing little girls.  I love the relationships that we have with them.   They are so sweet and I can't wait to see the women they grow into!

6. I love that the same people that were in our wedding, are still a very big part of our lives. 

7. I love that we think we're "Do it your selfers"  I think if we weren't into photography so much, we would flip some houses!

8.  I love that we get to work together to build our future.   That we get to tell other's love stories together and that we both hold such huge parts in our business. 

9. I love that we are both homebodies that would rather sit at home and watch a movie while gorging on our favorite foods then go out (even though sometimes I do complain that I do want to go out lol)  But we need coupons to go out! haha

10. I love that I get to building our future with my best friend. My soulmate.  The man that knows how to shut me down if I get too crazy with things.  But also is my biggest supporter.  Who methodically thinks though things to be sure we are able to take chances in life. 

I do not know what I would be doing or where I would be without him.  He is my rock and I cannot wait until I see what the rest of our lives hold.   The future is so bright, but it's brighter because he is by my side.....with his sarcastic comments which I know really mean that he loves me lol.   

Cheers to another zillion years together babe!  

Happy Anniversary!

Photography: Ronald Chicken (Please note these are proofs and unedited photos and not a true representation of his brand). 

Cake: My sister, Nickie Norcross

Ceremony Location: Mount Bethel Lutheren Brethren Church

Officiant: Pastor Chris Preistaff

DJ: Uncle E (my best friends uncle)

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