Catrina and Dan - From the beginning

So I get the lovely opportunity to photograph weddings and engagements with the love of my life and my best friend, Dan :)  aka hubby or bubby.

I've decided to kick off this blog by giving a bit of a background of how we met and how we both fell in love with photography!!!  We never planned to be photographers.  It just kind of snuck up on us and turned our lives around!!!

Dan and I met at Tuscarora Inn - a Christian camp that teens can work at and live at during the summer months!!  Granted we didn't really speak the first year working there.  Instead we got to know each other over good old AOL Instant Messenger....back in the day!   We were actually giving each other advice on how to ask out and start dating other people.  I was giving him advice for one of my good friends (who I'm forever thankful didn't say yes to going out with him) and he was giving me advice for the boy that I kissed on the bus when I was in Kindergarden lol.  Thankfully neither of those worked out!

Our first date was my Junior prom.  He came down from Rhode Island to go with me.  We stayed up all night talking (seriously just talking) and the next morning he brought me to a small waterfall, got down on one knee, gave me a single rose and asked me to be his girlfriend.

We are each other's first girlfriend, boyfriend and first kiss!  (no I don't count the kiss from Kindergarden)

Fast forward, he also asked me to marry him at the exact same location...only he know that I thought he was up to he waited until we were back at the car to ask me.

Then came the lovely little children Natalya Saleen and Keira Elise (both middle names after cars) lol.

Then after meeting with a childhood friend I fell into photography and loved it!  Dan decided to learn the camera so he could stop being in photos, haha.  Now he loves capturing weddings with me and we work so good as a team!

I love being able to grow my business with him and make plans for what we want our future to hold!

I hope to write blog posts about weddings that I've done, tips for sessions, gear and normal every day things.


2015 Year in Review | Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

2015 Year in Review | Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer