Starting my workflow series with 17hats!

Starting my workflow series with 17hats!

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Many don't realize how much photographers have on their plate pretty much on a daily basis.  I'm an excel queen and I used to try to have checklists, workflows, tracking sheets and all sorts of fun stuff....for every client.  Then link them all to a Overview sheet that will calculate things for my entire business.   I had email templates through my gmail account and I was pretty much a frustrated mess with my day to day photography to-do's.

My OCD organized self longed for something a bit more streamlined.

Enter 17hats.

I'm thinking the name came from how soleprenuers have "17hats" or wear so many hats/have so many jobs to do to keep their business running.   We have to be photographers (or whatever our main business is), bookkeepers, clerical's, bloggers, social media extraordinaire, editors, Public Relations managers etc.  It can sometimes be just a BIT overwhelming.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be going in depth regarding my whole start to finish process using this amazing application!

Just a few awesome things that 17hats offers:

Lead Management

Email Syncing (with favorite email programs like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc)

Calendar Syncing

Workflow Management

Invoice Management via PayPal etc

To Do lists

Quote and Contract Templates

Email Templates

Project Management

Quickbook Synchronization

Shootproof Integration

And more to come as they are always adding things!


First up!  Lead Management!  Because lets face it, our whole process as photographers starts with getting a lead!

Getting Organized with Lead Capture Forms

Getting Organized with Lead Capture Forms